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Removable dentures and implant retained overdenture solutions


Denture Overview

Dentures are custom-made prosthetics for missing teeth.

Who is this for
  • People who have partially or fully missing teeth
Treatment Process
  • Multiple visits over a period of 4-6 weeks
  • It may take several weeks for you to get accustomed to your new dentures.


Denture process and before-after photos.

Implant Type
Made In
Recovery Time

Removable Dentures


8-12 Weeks


Implant Retained Overdenture


8-12 Weeks


Denture Type

Removable Dentures


Implant Retained Overdenture


No9 Dental Clinic

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High Medical Standarts
  • Specialist medical staffs with high experience
  • Certificated by Health Ministry
  • Accredited by international agencies such as ISO, TUV
  • UV sterilization in each room
  • Hygienic sliding doors
  • High-end sterilization units
Latest Technologies
  • Top quality medical devices from leading US and European brands
  • Low noise dentists drills
  • 3D scanning, 3D printing and Cad-Cam supported laboratory
  • Independent ventilation and air conditioning system in each room

Patient Oriented
  • Patient case managers, native in 12 languages
  • Over 15 sqm VIP operation rooms
  • Netflix, Youtube Premium, Wifi access in the rooms
  • Patient-specific cabinet locks
  • Free in-door restaurant and cafe
  • In the center of the city, next to the touristic area

Denture Treatment Process

What are overdenture implants?

Overdenture implants are a set of dentures which are supported by implants. Overdenture implants are also often referred to as implant dentures, implant-retained dentures, or simply implants. When having overdentures placed, your dentist or oral surgeon will place the implants first. They’ll give you some time to let them heal and become one with your jawbone. After this process, false teeth are placed on top of the implants, giving you a smile that looks and feels real.

Overdenture implants can come as a fixed denture or as a removable denture. Both types of implant dentures are better than regular dentures as far as comfort, convenience, and overall health go. Once a person has implant dentures placed, they’ll need to take good care of them like with regular teeth. This means that patients with implants will simply brush and floss their new teeth.

Benefits of overdenture implants

Scientifically proven and documented. Implant Supported Overdentures have had good clinical outcomes from decade long studies with favorable results.

  1. Stability: Overdenture implants are much more stable than regular dentures, so you won’t have to worry about your denture falling out. If the denture is fixed, it will only be able to be removed by a dental professional. If they’re removable, you’ll take them out to clean them. In either case, they’ll be more stable than a conventional denture.
  2. Prevention of Bone Loss: With implant-retained dentures, a person’s jawbone is supported by the implants. As a result, the patient’s face won’t change shape at all, unlike with conventional dentures. Because conventional dentures have no way of supporting a person’s jaw, they allow the lack of teeth to significantly impact the shape of a person’s face.
  3. No Teeth Falling Out: Overdenture implants allow you to chew without the concerns of loud clacking or dentures falling out. Once the implant is secured, it will hold your teeth in place. Similarly, many people with conventional dentures must avoid foods that could damage the denture. With overdentures, this is not the case. The teeth are securely fastened to your jaw like real teeth, and thus can handle all kinds of foods.
  4. Long-Term Solution: Overdenture implants are made of titanium. In almost every case, they’ll last your whole life. Take good care of your dentures at home to guarantee a lifelong smile. After a few short years, you won’t be dissatisfied with your results.
  5. Less Costly Than Other Teeth Replacements: Conventional dentures often need repairing, especially with cheap dentures. Though it can be tempting to go out and find a set of cheap dentures, this often results in much more money being spent on them in the long-run. However, with overdenture implants, once they’re in, they’ll almost certainly last a lifetime without extraneous costs.

Do overdenture implants hurt?

Most patients undergo sedation dentistry to have overdenture implants place. You can expect some discomfort after the procedure, but it should be minimal. If you have serious discomfort, however, you should re-visit your dentist as soon as possible.